Shepherds Pie


750g mince beef

1 medium onion, sliced in small sizes

4-5 cloves garlic, mince

3 tbsp. beef gravy dissolved in

 2 cups water

1 beef bullion

1 cup mixed vegetables

2 tbsp. oil for sautéing

1 cup grated cheese for toppings

Mashed potato:

Boiled potatoes (I used 1 kg)

3 tbsp.butter

1/2 cup milk

1/4 cup grated cheese

Beef Gravy:

6 tbsp beef gravy

4 cups water

beef bullion

1/4 cup finely chopped onion

1 tbsp. oil


1. In a heated pan, pour the oil and sauté the garlic and onion till the onion is soft.

2. Add the mince beef and continue to sauté till the beef is brown and it’s own juice comes out.

3. Add the beef bullion, salt & pepper to taste. Then add the gravy mixture. Simmer till the beef is cooked and the sauce thickens. Turn off the het and drain the excess gravy and save it for later.

4. Mash the boiled potatoes while hot then add the butter, cheese and milk. Mix well.

5. Prepare an oven proof dish like pyrex and spread butter or margarine on the sides. Place the mince beef mixture and spread it evenly.

6. Place the mashed potatoes on top and spread evenly. Sprinkle the grated cheese on top. Bake it for 30 min. in a 160C pre-heated oven or till the top is golden brown.

7. While baking, prepare your gravy. In a sauce pan, sauté the finely chopped onion with 1 tbsp. of oil till it’s cooked. Combine the gravy mixture and beef bullion and pour it in the sauce pan. Bring to boil and till the sauce thickens. Turn off from the heat.

8. Shepherd’s pie is best serve with Yorkshire pudding. Pour the desired amount of gravy on top and enjoy!