Apple Cinnamon Turon


4 Green Apples, sliced thinly

1/2 cup Brown Sugar

2 tsp. Cinnamon powder

Lumpia wrapper

Oil for frying


Extra brown sugar for dusting


1) In a pan, combine sliced apple, brown sugar and cinnamon. Mix it well.

2) Let the apple cook well in sugar syrup. Remove from the heat and let it cool down.

3) To assemble, place the lumpia wrapper on a plate. Scoop about 2 tbsp. of apple cinnamon. Wrap and roll the lumpia wrapper, seal it with beaten egg.

4) Pre-heat pan with oil and fry the apple cinnamon turon until golden brown. Sprinkle extra brown sugar. Continue to cook until sugar has melted and caramelized and coat apple turon.

5) Transfer in a platter and serve with vanilla ice cream. Enjoy!