Pastillas de Leche


1 can condensed milk

2 cups powdered skimmed milk

1/2 to 3/4 cup sugar


90-100 pcs Japanese paper or tissue (2×3 in.)

90-100 pcs bond paper/A4 paper (1.5×2 in.)


1. Transfer the condensed milk in a mixing bowl. Then add the powdered milk. Mix thoroughly till it is dough-like consistency and until the mixture is well-binded. You can add more powdered milk if the mixture is very sticky or runny.

2. Transfer the mixture onto a wax paper. You need to dab your hands with oil then roll the mixture to form like a log. Cut the log into 2 and continue rolling till about 10 inches long then cut again into 2. Continue rolling till you have about an inch in diameter then cut it for about an inch. Roll it then gently pinch both ends to smoothen it. Continue the procedure till you finish it all.

3. Roll the pastillas in sugar. The wrap it in white paper then wrap with japanese paper. Insert the the ends to seal it. That’s about it!This recipe can make 90 to 100 pieces