Puto Bumbong


2 cups glutinous flour

1 cup rice flour

1 ½ water

1-2 tbsp. Ube flavouring or Ube Haleya

Drops of violet food colouring (optional)

Grated coconut Butter/margarine


You will need banana leaves/kitchen foil


1. Combine the glutinous flour and rice flour in a bowl. Add water and ube flavouring or ube haleya. Mix it well to the consistency of galapong or clay dough. Add food colouring (optional)

2. Using kitchen towel remove the excess water from the galapong. Cover it with paper towel and leave it overnight to dry.

3. Remove the kitchen towel in the morning and let it air dry for a few more hours. Once the galapong is dry and solid, grate it finely using the small grater.

4. Since I do not have the proper putobumbong steamer, I improvised it by using a banana leave or foil. Brush the the leaves/foil with butter and wrap the grated galapong and form it like a square.

5. Steam it for 5 to 10 minutes depending on the thickness of the wrapped galapong. Do not overcook it as it tends to harden like a bubble gum.

6. While it’s hot, spread butter and cut the putobumbong lengthwise to look like putobumbong cooked in a bamboo.

7. Sprinkle with sugar according to your taste and lastly, garnish it with grated coconut.Enjoy your homemade putobumbong!!

You can actually buy the putobumbong steamer in Divisoria, so next time you go home, bring it with you so you can have the authentic putobumbong.