Ube Champorado


1 cup Glutinous Rice, washed and drained

1 cup Rice, washed and drained

200g White Chocolate Chips

1 big can Condensed Milk

1 cup Coconut Milk

6 – 7 cups Water

1/2 – 3/4 cup Sugar

1 cup Ube Haleya

2 tbsp. Ube Flavouring

Evaporated Milk for toppings

Extra Ube Haleya for toppings


1) Wash the glutinous rice and rice, drain water and set aside.

2) In a sauce pan, combine coconut milk, condensed milk, sugar, ube haleya, water, glutinous rice and rice. Simmer on a medium low heat till the rice is cooked while stirring occasionally. Adjust sweetness according to your taste.

3) Once the rice is cooked, add white chocolate chips and ube flavouring. Continue cooking till the chocolate chips has melted. Best served with evaporated milk, ube haleya for toppings and fried dried fish