Ube Macapuno Pie


For the pie crust:

2 cups All Purpose Flour

2/3 cup unsalted Butter, cut into cubes

1/2 tsp. Salt

5 – 6 tbsp. ice cold water

Or ready made pastry dough

For the filling:

1 Llanera Ube Haleya

1 bottle of Macapuno Strips


1) For the pie crust: Combine flour and salt in a mixing bowl. Cut the butter into cubes and mix it well using a pastry mixer or 2 knives until crumbly.

2) Add 5 tablespoons of ice cold water. Mix together your clean hands until it forms a dough. Divide the dough into 2. Pre-heat oven 175C/350F.

3) Place one portion of the dough on top of the parchment paper then cover it with another parchment paper on top. Then flatten it using a rolling pin.

4) Cut the flattened dough in circles and place it on the pie pan. Ensure no air underneath and poke the pastry using fork so that the steam will come out when baking and to prevent it from ballooning. Set aside.

5) Place the ube haleya filling inside the prepared crust. Spread it evenly. Then add the macapuno strips on top, spread it evenly.

6) Repeat the procedure in flattening the dough. Cut the flattened dough in circle and place it on top of the pie crust. Seal the pie crust using fork by pressing it on the crust to seal. Cut the excess dough around the pan using a clean scissor.

7) Poke the top of the crust using a fork for the steam to come out when baking. Brush the top of the pie crust with beaten egg. Baked for 35-45 minutes on our pre-heated oven.

8) After baking, transfer in a cooling rack. Best serve it warm. Enjoy!