Mango Float


1 Can Condensed Milk

250ml Nestle Cream

250ml Whipping cream (small) or medium

200g Cream cheese

6 ripe Mangoes

2 packs Graham crackers or Lady fingers (Broas)

1 tsp. Salt

1 tsp. Vanilla


1) Puree 3 mangoes and the slice the other 3 into strips. Set aside.

2) Crash 2 -3 packets of graham crackers or lady fingers. Set aside.

3) Using a hand mixer, combine whipping cream and heavy cream and beat on a high speed until soft peaks forms. Add the cream cheese, mix it well.

4) Add condensed milk, salt and vanilla and mix it well. Divide the cream in 2 portions, 1st portion add the puree mango and mix it well. Leave the 2nd portion as plain mixture.

5) To assemble: Using a baking tray/dish, place one layer the graham crackers. Then spread the mangoe cream mixture. Sprinkle the crashed graham crackers on top. Then place strips of mangoes on top.

6) Place another layer of graham crackers and then spread the plain cream mixture. Sprinkle the remaining crashed graham crackers on top and top it up with mango strips.

7) Cover with plastic wrap or aluminum foil and refrigerate or freeze for 4 hours before serving.