Gourmet Tuyo Pasta


1/4 cup Gourmet Tuyo

2 cups cooked pasta noodles

2 tbsp. Olive oil or oil from the Gourmet tuyo

1 tsp. Capers

3-4 Sliced Green or Black Olives

3 Cherry Tomato slices

salt & pepper to taste

Dried or fresh parsley for toppings

chilli seed or cayenne pepper (optional)

Parmesan cheese for toppings


1. Place the pan on a medium heat and pour olive oil.

2. Fry the gourmet tuyo until slightly crispy. Add capers and cherry tomatoes then cook for 1-2 minutes.

3. Add cooked pasta and mix it well. Then add all the ingredients – olives, dried dried parsley & chilli seed or cayenne pepper (optional). Mix it well.

4. Season with salt & pepper according to your taste.

5. Serve in a platter and add parmesan cheese and fresh parsley on top. Enjoy!